Organic Tequila

What is the difference between certified organic tequila and conventional tequila?

When we talk about organic tequila, we are talking about a tequila that is aware and concerned about its environment, about the land, since certification requires good practices from the agave plantation and with good practices we mean the non-use of agrochemicals that erode or contaminate the land and its aquifers, among the certifiers found in Mexico, the following stand out:

Agricert >

Certimex >

Organic Pirate Tequilas

Unfortunately there are tequilas that are shown as organic but they are not, if you do not find on the front or back labels the information that we detail with red dotted lines in the following image is a pirate organic tequila.




Common traps in organic pirate tequilas

There are misleading brands that only have a collar on the shoulders of the bottle or a label affixed to the main ones (Officials) with the legend “Organic”, this is a trap since it does not have any validity since they are not ruled by the competent authority in this case the CRT >


  • In our labels you will find warranty information such as the name of the land, age of the agave, sustainable organic, etc. You will hardly find this information in other brands.
  • Natural Product: We are the first brand authorized by the CRT to capture on the front and rear labels the following text: “Free of any artificial coloring, flavoring or additives, 100% Organic”.
  • A brand aware of its environment that cares and occupies the entire chain.
  • We are a tequila producer of agave, this guarantees supreme quality.

Our inspiration to produce organic tequila is captured in the following video:




Sustainable organic production translates into good practices from the field, using only products that feed the soil and do not erode it. In the transformation stage, among other things, it requires the use of biodegradable products, in essence it is to avoid a trace of contamination and to contribute to the environment.

Here is an example of what it is to love the land SANTANERA TERROIRS >


Casa Santanera