Inspired by oenology, each of our batches originate from a specific and unique terroir. That is, we only use agaves from a delimited area, taking to use its unique characteristics of altitude, soil type, inclination, humidity and climate.

Only 0.5% of tequilas in the market have an

Organic Certification


Before entering the oven the jimadores cut our agaves flush and eliminate the bud, since in these areas the bitter fats are concentrated, undesirable note for our batches.


Based on formal studies, it is scientifically proven how music benefits all living beings at a molecular level.

Starting at fermentation and ending in barrels, we submit our tequila to classical music 24/7.


During the distillation, our head and tail cuts are very broad, we lose 35% to 40% of the total product leaving a pure heart.


After the distillation, the tequila is subjected to temperatures of 8ºF, thus solidifying the remaining bitter fats for later filtration.

"Casa Santanera was the first tequila to add a Colbert Barrel to their barrel collection, this without forgetting that our cooperage is extremely selective for the delivery of this category.”


Nadalié Barrels


Casa Santanera has access to unique barrels, an example that you can find inside our cava are our precious French Oak Colbert Barrels, made out of woods with average ages of 360 and 400 years old, originated from the forests of Troncais.


Each batch by Casa Santanera is represented by a unique color that will never be repeated.