SANTANERA TEQUILA, first agave brand in the world.


Announcing Santanera Tequila as the first agave brand in the world is unprecedented in the industry and thanks to this initiative, both, the final consumer and producers will benefit. Since its foundation, Casa Santanera has been concerned with producing a true organic tequila that respects its environment and its origin.



At Casa Santanera we have such respect for the agave, that in each of our organic plantations you will find a sign with the ID (Characteristics) of the land.

There are tequila brands on the market but not agave brands. It is necessary?


Today as we all know there are tequila brands (Beverage) duly registered with the IMPI > (Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property) but unfortunately there are no agave brands (main raw material), we must remember that each agave plantation has an agricultural cycle of extremely long maturation that takes between six and nine years to complete.


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The following questions were our thesis to propose that tequila brands coexist with agave brands.


  • Why do agave producers with a long-awaited raw material have no visibility in the market through a brand?
  • The quality of a tequila is closely related to the quality of the agave. Why are there no quality classifications for agave?
  • The price of agave is only determined by supply and demand, as if it were a commodity, without taking into account quality variables.
  • The price of the agave is stipulated by only one variable … Its weight on the scale.
  • Today there is no classification of agave based on the concentration of sugars that is really related to the quality between one agave and another.
  • To set the price of the agave, the time it was planted is not taken into account.

Time is an invaluable factor, for the products that require long waiting times for their manufacture are scarce, the market is willing to pay more for them, we have many examples: Rolls Royce takes 6 months to build a car and only 13 hours It takes Toyota, a regular ham from the super market compared to an Iberian Jabugo, etc. Let’s put things in context, to produce Brandy or Cognac it takes on average 6 months before harvest (Grape), Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, etc. are not the exception. Tequila is literally distilled with the longest wait in the world! (Up to 9 years old)

What benefits will brand agave producers have?


  • Real competition between producers with clear quality variables.
  • Prices stipulated based on quality and not just weight.
  • Avoid the downward price cycles so devastating for the tequila industry, as other factors would intervene to determine the price as mentioned.
  • An industry focused on quality because there is a market that rewards it.


How will the final consumer benefit?


  • No more deception, the consumer could easily identify the quality of each brand on the label.
  • Better shelf options as producers would be encouraged with healthy and measurable competition.
  • Decrease in the use of avocants (chemicals) by distilleries in order to compensate for low quality in the main raw material when there is a shortage.


Speaking of the Distilleries, would they have any positive effect? YES!


  • Classification and access to raw materials based on qualities (Brix degrees).
  • Access to high sugar agaves that will improve yields in the quantity of liters of tequila.
  • A better organized agave industry that each year will have an interest in planting avoiding shortage cycles that cause exorbitant prices in the agave so they will have greater control and security of their costs.
  • An industry focused on quality.
















For this proposal to be effective, we must involve not only the producers but also the government, since the NOM of labeling must be updated > in order for this legislation to be fulfilled through the chain.

Official document issued by the IMPI >

First registration of a brand of agave in the world issued by the legal authority to administer the intellectual property system in Mexico.


Casa Santanera