We are preparing our next organic batch, in this publication you will know the day to day of this new creation.

 Casa Santanera

In the midst of the worst pandemic in the recent history of humanity #BatchPiedra was born, thanks to this confinement we had the time to perfect techniques that will result in a more powerful and complex organoleptic experience, the selection of agaves was from a very special terroir, For the first time in the industry, a tequilana weber agave is distilled from ceboruco only, this means that the agave was planted in a rocky place where the stones surrounded it, limiting its growth in size but concentrating energy on a smaller pineapple or stalk. dimension, what do we have as a result? An agave with a high concentration of sugar that in fermentation will reveal unique aromas.


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Terroir: El Cuije

Geographical coordinates:

Terroir Characteristics

This terroir is characterized by a rocky, limestone, low humidity and highly mineral soil. It is located at 1400 meters above sea level and has an average inclination of 25 °.

Pantone P13-3U

At Casa Santanera each of our organic lots is characterized by a label color and name, in this case the label's color inspiration is due to the shades of the stones that accompanied our agave.

Terroir #BatchPiedra

This video was taken at the beginning of the jima, it will allow you to clearly understand what an agave planted in ceboruco is like, surrounded by stones and the special terroir that was selected for this batch.


May 2020



Selection of the Organic Agave

We selected the organic agave with the highest concentration of sugar line by line agave by agave with the brixometer (Brix), location of the terroir: 20°52’57.4″N 103°47’16.2″W

June 2020


Jima and "repele"

Santanera´s Jima

Today is June 1, 2020, we start very early in the land “El Cuije” with random measurements with the brixometer which allows us to know the percentage of sugar in our supreme organic agaves, after this we start the “Jima”, which means cutting the swords of the agave to leave only the stalk, the pineapple. It is not a regular jima, it is a Santanera jima … What is the difference? We do the first jima in the terroir, when we finish it, we make a second one that we call “Repele” just before loading the oven, this is intended to leave the pineapple or penca completely white as jicama, this practice is very rare in the industry for the reduction that implies, but we do not look for liters we seek to create emotions from the aromas and flavors.

In the following video you will understand how we measure the sugar level in agaves and what we mean by the word “Repels” in the jima.


In the following video you will understand how we measure the sugar level in agaves and what we mean by the word “Repele” in the jima.



June 2020



Masonry Oven

For the Batch Piedra, a masonry oven covered inside volcanic stones was used, this helps to achieve earthy notes and intensify the aromas and flavors.





June 2th   09:20 a 20:00
June 3th   08:10 a 15:30


Closed Door Rest

June 3th and 4th  15:30 / 10:00

Rest At Open Door

June 4th y 5th      10:15 / 08:00




June 4, 2020 8:30 a.m.



June 2020




Today, June 5 at 10: 00hrs we begin the milling of our supreme agave, we finish at approximately 3:00 pm, we had a total of 23,196 liters of must at 12 brix with a temperature already in a fermentation tub of 36°.

June 2020


Sonic Harmonization

Fermentation with Mozart

We are in hot weather in El Arenal, Jalisco at an approximate temperature of 33°, it is 4:00 p.m. on 06/05/2020. The juice (Mosto) ends up falling into the fermentation vats from the milling, we predict that the yeast at this room temperature will stop working between Wednesday 10-11 of June, the yeasts were always accompanied by classical music by Mozart 24/7, we have verified that new esters are created from this sonic exposition.


Note: This is the first batch that we decided to work with wild (sylvan) yeasts, we made this decision to leave intact the characteristics of origin of the agave, that means, to drag the contribution of the land to the limit, do not forget that it is a weber tequilana agave from 100 % ceboruco.










Day 1   Friday June 5, 2020






Day 4   Monday June 8, 2020





Day 6  Wednesday June 10, 2020





Day 11 LAST DAY  Monday June 15, 2020



Junio 2020



Manuel Rivera, Senior Distiller.

We present to you Manuel Rivera, Senior Distiller of Casa Santanera, Manuel has been in charge of the distillation cuts since our first #BatchInicial, a master distiller with enormous talent, his father Don Rodolfo Rivera Rivera, originally from Los Riviera in Tequila Jalisco, taught him since childhood the art of working an alembic, from there comes his mastery and ability to make the best cuts in the world.



Work log of cuts:

1st Court June 15, 2020
2nd Court June 16, 2020
Blend June 17, 2020.

June 2020



Underground Rest

Starting on Saturday, June 20, 2020, we made the transfer of the #BatchPiedra to the underground area where it will rest at the correct temperature and exposed with Mozart music 24/7, from here on we just have to wait for the micro-oxygenation and the time factor is in charge of integrating alcohol and achieving the elegance, smoothness and complexity characteristic of our spirits, we are close to enjoying what we believe will be the best batch in the house, thanks to the entire team at Casa Santanera without their passion and dedication it would be impossible to create a distillate from this range.


Last sampling and tank stamp:

June 22, 2020







Casa Santanera


“Batch Piedra is dedicated to the memory of Don Carlos, talented lawyer but above all wonderful human being, our prayers always with you”

— Don Carlos Cedillo De La Garza