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Only 0.5% of the tequilas in the market have an 0.5% of the tequilas we have an

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Mild and herbal impact begins with a mineral note that remains at the beginning of the tongue to soften the sweetness of acitron, cooked agave and vanilla. Evolves with botanical and astringent nuances such as ginger, nutmeg and fresh pepper, palate is impregnated with menthol , fresh anise, epazote, cucumber skin, lime peel. Culminates with a subtle olive and almond note that contrasts with a peculiar hint of crystal chili.

In the aftertaste, notes of freshly picked agave, lemon grass, menthol, fresh anise and acitron prevail, with a liqueur ending that opens the palate and nose.

Gibrán Ramírez

Gastronomic Consultant

First Tequila In The World With A Blend Of Double & Triple Distillation

We have created this batch in honor of the trajectory of the Rivera and Partida families in the plantation of supreme quality agave so scarce today. The color of the label was inspired by the swords of an agave of this category. Gray-blue color, characteristic of a healthy plant, full of aromas and sweetness. The color for this label was inspired by the gray-blue color of the spades on a supreme agave.

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In the fermentation process we expose yeast to Beethoven classical music 24/7, we have verified that the music provokes a more dynamic and harmonious movement in the yeast, which results in the creation of new and better aromas